Benards Gallery offers all Restoration of Artwork Services !

We specialise in the Fine Art restoration of original watercolours and oil paintings using the latest techniques and solutions.

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Every single aspect of the restoration process can be carried out depending on how badly damaged the specific artwork is.

These include:

  • defoxing watercolours, etchings, certificates, maps or lithographs
  • rebuilding damaged frames
  • regilding discoloured frames to tone with the original shade
  • cleaning oil paintings
  • mending tears in oil paintings and watercolours
  • revarnishing oil paintings
  • relining oil paintings

All of the restoration is carried out on the premises by our expert, who has been restoring artwork for many years. He is happy to examine a customers artwork in the gallery and provide a quote prior to commencing the restoration.

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Art restoration is extremely delicate work, for often the paintings involved are worth thousands of pounds and while expert restoration can increase their value, a badly executed job can have the opposite effect. For piece of mind why not come to the experts !
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Benards Gallery now also offers a Photograph Restoration Service. We can restore, rescue, revitalise and copy damaged or faded photographs (black & white and colour) using the latest computer technology.